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How to classify the products of Guangdong Yuemei
We have more products, but the key is to tell you how to choose the product;
1, column products:
Stainless steel main push: points conventional 202#, 304# column; casting 202#, 304#, 316# column;
The main process: sand and light, titanium, stainless steel, aluminum magnesium, carbon steel, wood, acrylic crystal column;
The main push column aluminum magnesium: flash silver, gray space, champagne, red color, dark red, deep bronze, red bronze;
2, stair product:
Keel Main: double chain keel, keel lamp, double folded plate keel, single keel beam, to pull the keel, keel of casing, rotating steel wood staircase, imitation wood keel ladder, iron flanged steel ladder; silver sand, sand black, white, black;
The main push pedal: dark red, mahogany, teak, black walnut, cherry, color;
3, accessories products:
Accessories main push: points conventional 202#, 304#, 201# accessories; casting 201#, 202#, 304# accessories; all columns, stairs, railing engineering accessories;
The main process: sand and light, titanium, stainless steel wood;
The main push PVC armrest: mahogany color, color, cherry, teak, red sandalwood color white
The main crystal: 2 meters /, 3 meters /, 4 meters and above is a non conventional (color: transparent, blue line, red line, yellow line, white line)
Solid round steel wire drawing main push: 4 m / a (more than Phi 14 is a kind of conventional process, sand and light, Tai Jin)
The hollow tube drawing the main push: 6 m / a (more than Phi 16 is a kind of conventional process, sand light, mirror light)
4, column selection:
Column selection: the same column can choose the main push stainless steel material, connecting head, pendant, base, color, craft, shape and configuration, so as to adapt to engineering, home improvement and personality needs
Casting column: the bottom plate is bigger, the spare parts are solid, all kinds of different with conventional fittings, completely through the casting process, more luster, thick, more rust, more high-gradeCatalog printing Booklet printing