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Guangdong Yuemei teach you how to buy the stairs
In the spatial dimension and height dimensions abundant, choose what kind of stair is not a problem, but if these two conditions are restricted, must carefully consider, in the interest of space saving. To narrow space, the ladder may be more sensible choice.
The height of every stair steps, taking into account the convenience of the family members. If there are elderly or children in the home, it is bound to take the safety of walking. Too high a level, go up certainly fluttering feeling. In addition, the staircase is the most taboo of all the steps of the high and low. The cause of the high and low is not complicated.. If it is a prefabricated stairs, stairs with space height divided by the length can be calculated for each stage of the same height. But if it is after the processing of the stairs, space is fixed, and stairs parts of the size is prefabricated, there must be contradiction between the two fixed size. Can only take the size of the stairs with the size of the space. It will inevitably appear inappropriate. In general, this adjustment will be the first, the end of the stairs two, and the middle section remain unchanged. So there may be stepping height and middle first, at the end of two does not match.
To this arrangement has some truth in the first, the last two paragraphs, because everyone in step on a stairs first step time is always the cautious, and when to go up, familiar with the footfall rhythm, the heart of the alert will gradually relax. This relaxed moment, we are walking in the middle of stair, so the footfall height of stair middle should remain unchanged. According to scientific calculation, the reasonable range of the height of the steps is generally within the range of 4cm ~ 2cm, and the range of the change of the first and the final step is also controlled in this.Catalog printing Booklet printing